Fourth draft of video

I decided not to add any further visuals in this draft, instead I worked on the transitions to try and make them appear to be smoother. I still feel as if the ending of the video is still too abrupt. Also I’m concerned that the music in the background is too distracting. Overall I think that I’m pleased with the outcome, there is however just a couple of things left to tweak and then it will be better.

Contact Sheets of Fourth Shoot

contactsheet-001contactsheet-002contactsheet-003This was my last time shooting in Greville house, I was invited in to join in with an activity that they had planned to capture some last footage. The man who came in was from an entertainment company for the elderly, he usually gets the residents involved with all kinds of activities, recently they’ve been writing poetry. This time however was more active and he set up a bowls competition. Even though the residents are almost all in wheelchairs, this does not restrict them from joining in with games like this, which helps them to take their mind off of whatever stress they may be going through. Unfortunately the activity took place in the middle of the afternoon, so again the lighting wasn’t at its best. Then again I did manage to capture some actions shot of some of the residents. These shots will add something different to my project I feel, as we are so used to seeing the elderly not as active as they were being. Luckily I did take the images in raw so was able to retrieve a few of them back, however it is such a shame how dark some of them did turn out.

Research- Cecil Beaton

I decided next to focus on more on photographers who take portraiture shots as I would like to include a number of these in as my final images. I began by looking at Cecil Beaton as after looking at a book that was dedicated to him and his work I found that a lot of his portraits are very striking. Beaton manipulates his light sources very well, casting shadows in the right  places, as well as this he takes most of them at a fairly close up angle allowing us to see in depth the expressions upon their faces. This is something which I would like to try and replicate within my own work, especially because of the lines inscribed upon their faces will definatly add character to the images. As opposed to some of my other research that I have done, the subjects within his photos look as though they are staged and posing for the camera, this I feel is less like the kind of images that I would like to take. Overall, I think that the way Beaton composes his work works well, especially when the use of good lighting is also incorporated.


Research- Duane Michals

The sheer size of this book is what mainly caught my attention when I was researching different types of portraiture. Upon looking inside I discovered the numerous portraits that Duane Michals has photographed of famous people. The composition seems to be different in all of them, which supports my previous findings that show that diversity keeps the whole thing more interesting. His use of lighting to place emphasis on certain characters of the face, such as the human eye, and how he cleverly manipulates the ambient light around him has inspired me to really try and think of different compositions. The image that particularly grabbed my attention was the one of Andy Warhol and his mum. The way that he has composed this image, with Warhol himself in focus, but stood behind his mother who is out of focus. Through composing it in this way it makes us as the viewer wonder the story that is behind this picture, and what the reason is for them to be stood in this. The photograph makes you ask questions and gets you talking, which I think is a really good technique at getting a photograph noticed.


Interview with Leslie

There was one clip of footage which I had really wanted to include in my film of a man named Leslie who used to be a reporter. I had a less formal interview with him whereby he explained what stories him and his friends used to cover, some of which were horrifying. However it is so hard to make out what he is saying in some parts of it, so much so that even to attempt to put subtitles over it, it would be hard to distinguish what it is that he was saying in the first place. In addition to this there is talking in the background which is very distracting as it was filmed in the communal room. Furthermore, there is a lady who is sat next to him grinding her teeth really loudly, so much so that it sounds like a loud clicking noise, as if there is something faulty with the camera.This was such a shame because his interview was really nice, however I still may include the visuals from it in my three minute video and maybe parts of the more distinguishable audio.


Third draft of video

In preparation for my third draft for my video I went back to Greville house just to shoot in the grounds outside. For example I re-shot the beginning scene of the sign and placed it upon a tripod this time so that the footage is steady, which looks more professional. Additionally, I also shot just a clip of the trees outside, as I found when asking peoples opinions on my video they had said about the part where one of the residents is feeding the birds, you don’t see what she is really doing because the food that she has for them is concealed by her hat, through providing the tree it gives more context to that scene. Also I moved the audio to a bit later on the part where she says that they have a few characters and its on Betty folding napkins, as I feel that this worked better however its not completely flowing still.