Grevill House- Three minute video

I found in completing my three minute video that I encountered different problems in comparison with the ninety seconds one. I discovered with this that you had to keep your footage as entertaining as possible throughout, so viewers did not feel bored. I aimed to achieve this through including a range of different clips of not just the residents, but the carers and relatives as well. One of the main decisions I had to make when it came to editing was whether I should just have one narrator throughout the whole video, or split it up and have various voice overs. I decided to go with different people speaking as it seemed a shame to not have their interviews included as well, as they all showed different elements of the home. I would have liked to have gone back to Joe, the home manager, who was talking at the beginning talking at the end as well, however as we were only allowed three minutes, I unfortunately was not able to include this. I tried to keep the talking varied, for example when Josh, the handyman, was talking he was doing something practical at the same time, so that the viewer had something to focus on besides him. Consequently though I was concerned that this footage would appear disjointed from the rest of the clips, however I believe it was necessary to show another side of Greville. Furthermore, I found editing this video better than editing the first as I feel as though I had more audio to work with as opposed to the first which I felt was quite limited. Another problem I encountered was the quality of the audio, I was able to eliminate the background noise through using a denoiser setting on premier pro, although I do feel as though it still sounds not quite right. On the other hand one element which I thought worked well was the amount of clips that I could include. When completing my first video as they are similar in some ways, I struggled to pick which clips I should use for which one. Whereas this time round I didn’t have to worry about using a clip that I would potentially want to use later. Overall I have really enjoyed completing this video, and preferred working on it to my first due to the availability of more audio and choice of clips.


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