Second draft of video

For my second draft I decided to add music into the background to make the footage flow a bit more and fill in the spaces where there was no voice over. I chose the audio from a copyright free website called Bens sound, I tried to pick something that wasn’t too distracting so that it didn’t detract from the footage itself. Furthermore, I still had the background noise overlaid on the music, so that you didn’t loose the sense of atmosphere. In addition to this I reviewed some of my filler shots and adjusted some of them to suit the narrative more. I also added some more close up shots as I realised that my previous footage only had a couple in, and they work well to break it up more. I do still feel as though some of my transitions are still too disjointed though. I also feel as though the opening shot of the sign for Greville house is messy, as in the camera is shaky and there’s a lot of clattering in the background, which sets you up to believe that the rest of the film is going to be like this which I definitely don’t think works well.


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