Research- The Metrograph

The next short video that I decided to look at was The Metrograph, which was about New York’s classic theatre and this mans journey into creating it. The lighting at the beginning is subtle and romantic, which runs parallel to him explaining his love for film. There is a gentle piano playing in the background, which adds to the romanticised effect. The opening shots that we have of him just reveal parts of him and we don’t actually see his face until it cuts to the part where he is sat down on the sofa talking directly to the camera. Throughout the video it keeps cutting back to the film reel, which re-instates that this is about original film. Included are lots of panning shots, often at a wide angle so that we can see as much of the rooms as possible and appreciate the grandeur of the place. The narrative is complemented by the visuals, as often what he is talking about is then being shown on the film, this is something which I may try to replicate as it joins the audio and visual together well. Incorporated is quite a lot of zooming in and out of objects, especially food, which adds more interest. Throughout the whole clip it keeps on referring back to him and the film, implying that this is where it all started from, and his love for films has stayed with him throughout.


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