Research: Riley Yielding

I decided to do a bit more research into different videos, hoping that they could give me some inspiration for mine. The video I decided to look at was called Riley Yielding, and was about this man, called Riley, who lives in the countryside and makes his own guitars, which he then sells to people. Through the beginning shots it is hard to tell what the video is going to be about, the pace is slow, and there are a lot of still shots. This draws you in and makes you interested, this is something which I might try in my video as I liked how mysterious the opening scenes were. When we are then introduced to Riley it is not a normal sit down style kind of interview, instead he is actively playing his guitar which gives the audience something else to focus on. Again, this is how I might choose to present my video, as its a bit different as opposed to him sat down talking directly to the camera. It has Rileys voice running all the way through it intertwined with the sound of his guitar and later him in his workshop which is very pleasing to the ear. There is one scene where the neck of the guitar is out of focus through using depth of field which breaks up the shots a bit more. As the video progresses it moves onto him tending his chickens and then him in his workshop, which is nice to see a vary of environments. In the scene where he is in his workshop I think that the viewpoint is really well composed as we are looking down on him, but that also the lighting is good aswell, even though its in a basement. Moving onto the ending it phases out nice and slowly and isn’t too abrupt, which fits in well with the pace of the video.



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