Research- Duane Michals

The sheer size of this book is what mainly caught my attention when I was researching different types of portraiture. Upon looking inside I discovered the numerous portraits that Duane Michals has photographed of famous people. The composition seems to be different in all of them, which supports my previous findings that show that diversity keeps the whole thing more interesting. His use of lighting to place emphasis on certain characters of the face, such as the human eye, and how he cleverly manipulates the ambient light around him has inspired me to really try and think of different compositions. The image that particularly grabbed my attention was the one of Andy Warhol and his mum. The way that he has composed this image, with Warhol himself in focus, but stood behind his mother who is out of focus. Through composing it in this way it makes us as the viewer wonder the story that is behind this picture, and what the reason is for them to be stood in this. The photograph makes you ask questions and gets you talking, which I think is a really good technique at getting a photograph noticed.



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