Research- Cecil Beaton

I decided next to focus on more on photographers who take portraiture shots as I would like to include a number of these in as my final images. I began by looking at Cecil Beaton as after looking at a book that was dedicated to him and his work I found that a lot of his portraits are very striking. Beaton manipulates his light sources very well, casting shadows in the right  places, as well as this he takes most of them at a fairly close up angle allowing us to see in depth the expressions upon their faces. This is something which I would like to try and replicate within my own work, especially because of the lines inscribed upon their faces will definatly add character to the images. As opposed to some of my other research that I have done, the subjects within his photos look as though they are staged and posing for the camera, this I feel is less like the kind of images that I would like to take. Overall, I think that the way Beaton composes his work works well, especially when the use of good lighting is also incorporated.



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