Research Bill Brandt

In regards to my images that I have to produce I decided to do some research into photographers who capture people off guard and going about their lives. As it might be nice for some of my photographs to have a similar feel. The photographer that I looked at was Bill Brandt and his book homes fit for heroes. In which he photographed families in their homes. The photographs are all in black and white and taken on film. What captured my attention was how diverse he has managed to make each of the images, some of them are just of one person specifically, whereas others are of the whole family. As well as this, he has them all in different environments around the house, from cooking in the kitchen, to sleeping in their beds. I though it was good how he hasn’t decided to make all of them up close portraits, and has also included images where he has stepped back and taken it from a wider angle. Additionally I thought it was good how in most of the images the family pay no attention to him, making it looks as though you are looking in on this family, as they are unaware of the cameras presence, this is something which I would like to try to include in my work, as I feel then that the viewer feels more as though they are witnessing what really happens in their homes as they are not acting up for the camera. In particular I thought the photo below where the photographer is outside the room looking in on the lady sat in her chair works well as its unique to the others, and we truly feel as though we are witnessing something that is not staged or set up.



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