Below is the presentation that I made containing my twenty final images. I decided to include the captions on the actual images themselves as I preferred the aesthetics of this as opposed to having them inscribed below. In regards to the captions, I didn’t write too much as I didn’t want it to take over each image, however what I did write was mainly about things that the carers and the residents themselves told me. Where I knew the residents names I included it to make it feel more personal I also included information about their lives that they had told me to try and make each slide different. The main problem that I encountered when making this presentation was the image sizing, as I think that they looked better when they were full bleed, however with most of the images this didn’t work. Meaning that I have got a range of sizes of pictures, which is a little disjointing. But I preferred to have them like this, as opposed to them all being the same size and smaller, because then it would have been harder to include the captions on them and also I feel as though they would have had less of an impact.



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