Interview with Leslie

There was one clip of footage which I had really wanted to include in my film of a man named Leslie who used to be a reporter. I had a less formal interview with him whereby he explained what stories him and his friends used to cover, some of which were horrifying. However it is so hard to make out what he is saying in some parts of it, so much so that even to attempt to put subtitles over it, it would be hard to distinguish what it is that he was saying in the first place. In addition to this there is talking in the background which is very distracting as it was filmed in the communal room. Furthermore, there is a lady who is sat next to him grinding her teeth really loudly, so much so that it sounds like a loud clicking noise, as if there is something faulty with the camera.This was such a shame because his interview was really nice, however I still may include the visuals from it in my three minute video and maybe parts of the more distinguishable audio.



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