First draft of video

For my first attempt at making a video I decided to gather all my footage together and look through it, making notes as to which ones worked well together as a sequence. I decided to use the footage I had of one of the carers as the main body of the film. Her narration flows throughout the footage. However, what I did find was that I didn’t quite have enough footage of her talking to fill the whole 90 seconds, consequently there are sections where no one is talking. Even though I did have other filler shots I felt as though it might not flow as well because the filler shots would have been on something different. Due to this I feel as though it can be a little disjointed at times. Additionally, I think that the transitions between each scene can sometimes be too distracting. However, for my first draft I thought it was okay and it gives me some points to build upon and work with. Furthermore, I found premier pro itself simple to use, I did try to brighten some of my shots, as again some were too dark to use which was a shame. But when I tried to brighten them they either turned out slightly grey, or because I had to se such a high ISO the grain was too prominent.


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