Contact Sheets of Fourth Shoot

contactsheet-001contactsheet-002contactsheet-003This was my last time shooting in Greville house, I was invited in to join in with an activity that they had planned to capture some last footage. The man who came in was from an entertainment company for the elderly, he usually gets the residents involved with all kinds of activities, recently they’ve been writing poetry. This time however was more active and he set up a bowls competition. Even though the residents are almost all in wheelchairs, this does not restrict them from joining in with games like this, which helps them to take their mind off of whatever stress they may be going through. Unfortunately the activity took place in the middle of the afternoon, so again the lighting wasn’t at its best. Then again I did manage to capture some actions shot of some of the residents. These shots will add something different to my project I feel, as we are so used to seeing the elderly not as active as they were being. Luckily I did take the images in raw so was able to retrieve a few of them back, however it is such a shame how dark some of them did turn out.


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