Choosing twenty final images

When it came down to choosing my twenty final images I decided to narrow it down to forty and then to thirty, and then gradually to twenty. Out of the photos that I did choose I concentrated on getting a range of photos, after having been influenced by my research I thought that a variety would work better, as opposed to sticking to a certain theme like portraiture. Especially in terms of having twenty images as I didn’t want the viewer to be bored. ThereforeĀ I incorporated a mixture of shots around the home itself, some of the residents as well as some of the workers, and the activities that they participated in. I was concerned that I had too many images of the residents playing bowls in the communal room, but I spread them out so its not as repetitious. One of the main problems that I had was that there were two photographs of Mary that I really liked, she was in the same position for both it was just her facial expression that was different. I would have liked to have included both of them but, I feel as if that would have been too much. Eventually after asking the opinions of a lot of people I went with the image where her face is more animated, smiling in the distance, as this keeps in theme with the friendly atmosphere of Greville house itself. There were a couple of residents that I included in more than one photograph, however because they were doing a different activity I didn’t think it would be too repetitious. Additionally, I think that some of my photos will work a lot better with captions, such as the image of the monitor on the wall, because as an onlooker who maybe doesn’t know about nursing homes it can look a bit sinister. However when you find out that its connected to a remote that the residents carry and they press it if they want anything even if its just a cup of tea, the viewer is provided with more context. Below are the twenty images that I went with, including the two of Mary which I was stuck between because I may still change my mind on that one, when I come to put it in my presentation I’m just not too sure yet.



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