Choosing ten photos

When it came to narrowing down my images further to just ten I did strongly consider just including portraits. However after reviewing my research I decided to stick with keeping a range of images to avoid it being too repetitious. Instead I chose five images that were close up portraits and five that were either taken further away, or zoomed in but not of faces. Within my ten there are two that are fairly similar, this is the two where there are the four lady’s sat in their wheelchairs, and then another where there’s just three of them, however in this photo the perspective is completely different and has the ball in the foreground, which makes the image appear almost comical. I also decided to print out both of the photos of Mary as I was still undecided, after having seen both of them as proper copies I think that I am going to stick with the image where her face is more animated. I decided to go with this one because I have another image where one of the residents is gazing up and his eyes are very prominent and I feel as though the poses are kind of similar. Additionally, when choosing my final images I paid attention to the ones that were at interesting angles and perspectives, as I feel that these would be a lot more entertaining as opposed to normal images of people I nursing homes.img_4231-copyimg_4224-copyimg_4194-copyimg_4183-copyimg_4118-copyimg_4030-copyimg_3950-copyimg_3839-copy-copyimg_4104-copyimg_3961-copy


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