Research- Life in a nursing home

Now that I am going with the nursing home idea I decided to look more specifically into photographs of nursing homes. I found a video on You Tube that contains stills of residents, carers and relatives all in a nursing home in Lanzeln in April 2015. What I thought of this project that was nice was how it included photos of the care home itself and items on the wall etc, as this helped to set the context of the home and the environment in which the residents live in. Quite a few of the images had residents with their carers also in shot completing routines, doing activities, or just generally talking. All the shots look as though both resident and carer are happy, therefore painting a positive picture of the home. Additionally, through showing them in different situations it doesn’t make the shoot repetitive.

Furthermore, the photos all seem to be taken in a more ‘fly on the wall’ style and doesn’t show the photographer as being intrusive in any way, instead they are there just to observe. In addition to this the photographer has included unique compositions in some of the photos, such as shooting through the window, and also manipulating depth of field. One thing that I did notice about some of the images, were that a few were overexposed and left parts of the photos with no information on, and instead where white, whilst other parts of the image were correctly exposed. Also what I thought worked well was how there were a few different scenarios of when photos were being taken, for example when they had a vicar in, doing activities and having meals. Through incorporating all of these it gave a good overview of the home as it was from a few perspectives, making the project focused upon the home itself as a whole instead of just the residents.



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