Greville House- Contact Sheets

For my first shoot at Greville house I went with the aim of trying to capture as many different aspects of the home as possible, as I’m not yet sure what kind of style I want my photos to have. Most of the photos that I produced were underexposed, due to the home itself being dimly lit. However I took them in raw so I could brighten them later, furthermore I took them with an ISO of 400 to allow more light in, however this did mean that they were grainier than I would have liked them to be. In my opinion the ones that worked the best were the ones close up of the residents faces, especially the ones where they were caught off guard as they appear more natural. Some of the shots that were just of the home in general I don’t think worked as well, as even though they did help to set the context, they were not as interesting as the ones that were of the residents themselves.contactsheet-001contactsheet-002contactsheet-003contactsheet-004


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