I was happy to see that Antonia the lady from the Memory café replied to me within an hour of me sending the first email. The result I got was a positive one, however she does talk of the fact that the group only meet once a month, but she does mention that it is part of a retirement home and St Johns, so this could be something which I could branch out into. Additionally she also says that it may take a while to get a response, however at the moment I am willing to wait for a while to see if I can get permission because I think it has the potential to be a good project.

Hi Danielle



Thank you for your email and your project sounds very interesting.



The Memory Café runs once a month on the last Thursday in the early evening. It is an opportunity for people who are concerned about someone, or who care for someone suffering, or suspected to be suffering from a memory related problem. They share their experiences, concerns and gain helpful information from us and one another.



Your project sounds very interesting and we might like to use some of your footage if that would be possible? However there are some things that you should be aware of and that we have to consider:



–       The Memory Café visitors come because it is confidential and they can speak openly. I would have to involve them in any decision and we won’t see anyone until the end of this month.


–       The Café is new and we are only attracting small numbers.


–       We are a part of a wider organisation – “The Order of St John Care Trust’ and I would need to get agreement from head office.


–       As we are a 24hr care home, I would also need to be sure that the residents here are happy for a video camera to come in.


–       We are reviewing the café now it has run for a few months and may be expanding it to include other concerns about an elderly relative such as local authority support, funding, the process for getting into a care home…and so on.


It may take a little time to get agreement this end and I can’t guarantee a positive outcome for you.


–       Do you have time to wait for us as I wouldn’t want to waste your time?


–       Do you have more information about what you are trying to achieve and who will see the film?


–       Is our Memory Café the right fit for your project now I have given you more information?



I hope this is helpful and not coming across too negative. I’m sure we would love to help and work with you but it’s not quite as straightforward as we might like.





Best wishes



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