Research- The Women Peshmerga fighters taking on Isil

For my first piece of research into this new project I looked on the foto8 website and found a thought provoking story by Maryam Ashrafi. It is about the Kurdish women fighters who are facing threats from ISIL, The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Maryam talks about how she believes that their battle is tougher than the males fighting alongside them, due to the fact that not only are they fighting for their rights as Kurds but also for their right as women. In regards to the story the establishing shot does not give away what the actual story is about, however it does give clues, as it is of a mundane field yet placed on the left hand side is a gun. As the story continues it begins with a few more repetitious images of peoples faces close up, throughout the story these shots become less frequent, I do think that these photos work well as they are more intimate and gives you more a personal connection with the overall narrative. The fact that the images throughout the story have a mixture of close up and further away shots keeps the story flowing and deters the viewer from becoming bored. As the story progresses there is a mixture of black and white and colour photographs, this at some points can lead to the narrative becoming disjointed at times, especially due to at the beginning of the narrative the only colour shots are the ones of women and the men or group shots are done in black and white, which can lead to the viewer thinking that there are two separate story lines going on. On the other hand some of the photos do look as though they suit black and white more to colour, however if I was doing this project I would have left them all in colour. Furthermore the overall story included a range of ages, which did well in showing how war effects everybody and how damaging it can be. One image that really stood out for me was the photo of the women stood with the birds beside her as even though she is not facing the camera, the contrast of the blur from the birds balances out the image, as well as the colours within the image. Finally what I felt worked well was the ending shot of the women in her own clothes dressed up, as it brings the story round and demonstrates that these are real, normal women, who lead extraordinary lives but that at the end of the day they are wives and mothers to people.

The Women Peshmerga Fighters taking on ISIL by Maryam Ashrafi


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