Research: The Cats of Elder Street

I decided to do some research into a photostory as we have to produce twenty stills for grading as well as the two videos. I chose to keep within the theme of animals and explored an article which focused upon the cats living in a specific street. Firstly what drew me to this article was the simple concept of it, but the photojournalist, Chris Kelly, has crafted it together to create a flowing narrative. Furthermore the shots are all individualistic through the composition and knowledgeable use of colour which leads them to in a way have smaller fragments of story entwined within each of them. Subsequently meaning that when joined together they embody a narrative. Additionally accompanying the photographs is a descriptive, candid piece of text that shows the interview that Chris Kelly conducted with each of the residents and their relationships with their cats. In each case the interviewee goes into great depth and description in regards to their felines, this I think adds more of a story to the article as we get to know the individual stories and people. What caught my attention the most in this series of images was the use of colour and how each photograph has been composed in a way that makes them striking and bold. It is obvious that the photographer has spent time creating each shot and thinking through what would make each image stand out, even though they are all of the same subject matter. Consequently no two shots are the same making the series work well together.


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