Research- Photos from a festival for ugly people

The title of this photo essay is definitely what drew me into looking further into this specific story. The title is not something that you would expect as it is very controversial but it is this which initially catches your eye and makes you want to read further. The festival takes place annually and is located in the eastern Italian region called Marche, its aim is to stamp out prejudices they say that “Our organisation is about not taking oneself too seriously and fighting against the notion of beauty as a purely aesthetic quality.” In terms of the story the opening shot does not give away what the rest of the piece is about, however you can identify that it is indeed a festival, which it seems more eccentric people do go to judging by the clothes that they are wearing. The piece includes a mixture of close up shots of people who are involved in the society, the shots have been used well to accentuate the ‘ugly’ side of them, which they have done on purpose due to the community in which they are a part of. Furthermore what I thought worked well within this narrative was how the photographer has made each image completely individual to each person through the use of props and staging. It keeps the story flowing and keeps it entertaining to the viewer. What would have been nice to see would be what a member had to say about the community as we only hear from the president, it would have given us more of an insight into the community if we heard from a member itself. Furthermore what I liked about this narrative was that all of them are in colour and so exaggerate the energy and life from the festival.


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