Research- Exploding into Life

I found this story on Eugene Richards photography page in the multimedia section. Despite this story’s energetic title it is in fact much more disheartening than what originally appears. The narrative is of a women and her journey through life with breast cancer, the insightful description provided talks factually but also emotively about her struggles with the disease. The woman talks with little expression yet this does not fail to portray the hardship she has had to face. She elaborates on past memory’s, that makes the piece all the more heartfelt as she goes over her thoughts as to when she was first diagnosed. She does not hold back when going into detail into the surgery side of things and her feelings and fears towards it, whilst the whole time remaining sincere and level headed. Further on into the story she begins to open up more about the more intimate and personal sides to her disease, as well as her thoughts of the future. What I did notice in regards to this story is that not at one point is she looking for pity or sympathy, instead she is simply describing how it is and how this is her life now and how she has to find new ways of coping, and to certain extents new ways of living. In terms of the photographs themselves they have all been taken in black and white which adds to the sincerity of it and is as though it is reflecting the audio through portraying her life as it is, with no fancy colours or editing, instead it is a raw personal story that unfortunately she doesn’t have a choice on. Furthermore by using black and white it has allowed the photographer to gain shots close up and detailed of her face and in a way makes the photos more cherished as memorys for her loved ones, as they can look back on them and see the emotion that ran through her face. What I appreciated in this narrative was that there were all aspects of her life included, for example it shows her joking around, smiling and posing for the camera, however in stark contrast it then portrayed her looking so vulnerable and exposed. Additionally included were shots of her in surgery, which some people may have found too much information, however it is real life and shows what she went through and by including them it gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the horrors of this woman’s life. Also in parts of the story the audio links in with the images that we are being shown, providing a visual perspective making the narrative easier to follow. At the end there is a piece of writing dedicated to her and what would have been nice to see was a photo of her looking happy with the person who wrote the words about her.


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